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Export property listings from Zillow in one click.

It's not easy to get the data you want from Zillow. Copy pasting, manual work, and hours of frustration. It's neither productive nor fun but it doesn't have to be that way.

We take care of everything for you:

  • Export hundreds of listings in 2 minutes or less
  • Multiple export formats to fit your needs
  • Schedule recurring exports with the Cloud Importer
  • Monitor properties and get fresh data on demand
  • Organization management

Get started for free and upgrade as needed.
If you work in an organization, we have a Business and Enterprise plan for you.


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Export property listings from Zillow in one click.

Easy to use, no BS. Getting data from Zillow has never been this easy. โคด

All the features, none of the headaches

Export property listings from Zillow in one click.

We cover all your data needs

See a list of all the fields you can export whether you are exporting listings for sale, for rent, sold properties or saved properties.

We're like an everything bagel.

But for your data needs. Forget about copy-pasting and the mistakes that come with it.

Save time
Save money
Save your sanity
Focus on what matters
Let our robots do the work

We didn't build this platform. You did.

You +4855other users, real estate agents and property investors. The most important part of building a business is listening to your customers, so that's exactly what we did (and do).Have your say.

"Zillow Data Exporter has been the best exporter I've been able to find. I've tried others that have promised similar results, but they just never delivered consistent data. This one did it for me and made it easy to gather everything needed quickly. I'd recommend everyone give it a shot. Simple, quick, easy."

โ€” Jeremy, Real estate investor

"Zillow has so little way to manage and organize data and this is a perfect solution to it! When I had an issue the developer was super responsive and fixed it immediately! Really happy with it and totally worth it if you're house hunting and a person who likes to be organized ๐Ÿ˜€ "

โ€” Kelly, House hunter

We're a small business.
But that doesn't make us small.

It makes us fast, open and transparent. It makes us able to ship those new features that you need in record time.

Need a demo, or have questions? I'm here to help. Send me an email.

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