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A detailed guide on how to export sold Zillow property listings to Excel

Exporting sold property listings to Excel has never been easier.


Zillowis a real estate website that provides information about homes for sale and for rent.

It is the largest real estate website in the United States.Zillowalso provides information about mortgages, home loans, and home values.

Zillowis a great resource for real estate agents, home buyers, and home sellers.

Install the Zillow Data Exporter extension

Navigate to the Chrome store via thislink.

Click theAdd to Chromebutton.

Zillow Data Exporter extension in the Chrome Web Store

PinZillow Data Exporterto your browser toolbar for easy access.

Pin the Zillow Data Exporter extension to your Chrome extension toolbar

Select the property category "Sold"

Choose the category "Sold" in the dropdown menu:

Zillow property search page with the sold category selected

Use Zillow Data Exporter to export the data toan Excel file.

Select the Excel format in the dropdown menu

Zillow Data Exporter extension's menu with the Excel format selected

Then click the"Export properties"button

Zillow Data Exporter overlay while processing properties

Wait for the process to finish and the file download will start automatically.

Automated file download completed

Open the file on Google Sheets

Google Sheets is very handy and lets you open anExcel file directly from your browser.

Google Sheets displaying the Excel file generated by the Zillow Data Exporter extension

Add formulas to the spreadsheet

The best part of having your data in a spreadsheet is that you can add formulas to it. For example, you can add a formula to calculate the average price of all the homes in the spreadsheet.

To better understand how to add formulas to a spreadsheet, check out this article:How to find bargains on Zillow using AI and Google Sheets


As you just read in this article, you can easily export the data fromZillowto a spreadsheet. This is a great way to analyze the data and find bargains.

To learn more about exporting soldZillowlistings to a CSV file, please go to the following page:Export sold Zillow property listings to a CSV file

Export property listings from Zillow to CSV or Excel in one click.

Thousands of investors, businesses and real estate agents use Zillow Data Exporter to export property listings from Zillow to CSV or Excel in one click. Try it for free today.